Hisham Hendi

Hisham Hendi, Managing Director at Vodacom Tanzania


Hisham Hendi (born in 1980) is an Egyptian currently living and working in Tanzania. He is currently the Managing Director of Vodacom Tanzania Plc, a multinational telecommunication company.

Early life

Hisham was born and raised in Cairo and attended Manor House International School (1986– 1997) He holds a bachelor degree of Business Management, faculty of commerce- Cairo University in Egypt and is a graduate of 2 executive programs from IMD Business School in Switzerland and London Business School in UK.


Hisham is currently the Managing Director of Vodacom Tanzania Plc , and is responsible for running all facets of the business with over 15 years of experience in the telecommunication industry.

Prior to becoming the Managing Director, Hisham oversaw the transformation of the commercial business and launched differentiated and segmented consumer offerings.

His passion for digital transformation and seamless customer experience has led to the launch of Tuzo Points, M-Pesa Virtual card, Google play carrier integration, device financing program and un-limited access to digital content that enabled Vodacom Tanzania Plc to gain market share over its competitors.

Prior moving to Tanzania, Hisham worked as Chief Commercial Officer for Vodacom International Business based in South Africa, where he led the design and implementation of all commercial strategies across all Vodacom African markets, in addition to serving as a board member in Vodacom Tanzania & Vodacom Mozambique. 

Previously, he was in Vodafone Group in London, where he focused on growing partner networks consumer revenue across 13 different markets in Latin America, Europe & Middle East and also held several senior roles in Vodafone Egypt, where he was responsible for Digital & Content, Postpaid & Prepaid Business, and took over the responsibility of all consumer marketing activities.

Hisham spent over 4 years in AIESEC, and he was the President of AIESEC in Egypt 2000-2001, he was sponsored by Procter & Gamble International, and he was awarded the best local committee performance in Africa in 2001

Personal Life

Married in 2007, his wife (Dalia Nadim)and two children (Lana Hendi and Adam Hendi)both currently reside in Tanzania.


Hisham is passionate about the digital era and the opportunities is presents in transforming lives.

He has appeared on different platforms such as GSMA and PMI speaking about digital transformation and the role mobile technology plays in addressing the socioeconomic challenges in the society.

He was also featured by “the citizen” talking about how technology can be mobilized to realize positive social change

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